AJ Cephas & PPW family have returned with a brand new single (fresh sound) from a consecrated Altar as a matter of fact. This time they are introducing you to the One who gave us His word in the book of Joel chapter 2:28-30 so as to enable us to have portent by Him breathing into us His life, capacity, abilities, and all that concerns Him (GOD). In this Holy Ghost filled song titled; “BREATHE ” (The Revival Song). God is set to re-awaken many in this generation Spiritually from a state deep slumber, stagnation and carelessness to deepen the faith of men into deeper realms of glory that all may live and move according to His will/purpose achieving a greater life at last. This song will lead you into the point of deep taste, hunger and passion for the word of God, pattern, and life, that you may have the power to live above sin in this world. It is a prayer.
The song is written by AJ Cephas and produced by famous Kel keys.
All you need to do now is download, listen, share and be thou revived in all spheres of life.